Por Jonathan Knott, Comisionado de Comercio para America Latina y el Caribe por su Majestad La Reina Isabel II

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El Consejo para el Comercio del gobierno del Reino Unido publico recientemente el reporte “Comercio Sostenible” destacando las oportunidades para aprovechar los beneficios del justo libre comercio para…

By Juliana Correa, Director at Department for International Trade — Mexico

Covid-19 has created major social and economic challenges around the globe.

According to the International Finance Corporation, one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic has been transportation — specifically airports — which are essential to developed economies…

By Mark Ramondt, co-founder of MultiplAI Health

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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality globally, responsible for almost 18 million deaths per year, or 31% of deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. With this information in mind and the 20+ years…

Por Mark Ramondt, cofundador de MultiplAI Health

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Las enfermedades cardiovasculares son la principal causa de mortalidad a nivel mundial, responsables de casi 18 millones de muertes al año, es decir, el 31% de los fallecimientos en todo el mundo según la Organización Mundial de…

by Willian Santos, International Sales Manager — ABI Electronics (UK)

ABI Electronics has recently closed major deals with leading organisations in Mexico and Brazil such as GE Renewable, LATAM Airlines, Owen-Illinois, Döhler, Fimex, Rassini, and others. The recent deals represent a big step for our Yorkshire-based company.

We have expanded our presence in Latin America and the Caribbean region by working with organisations that are now reducing industrial E-Waste (electronic waste) through repairing and reworking circuit boards thanks to ABI’s high-tech products.

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Por Sofía Giampaoli, fundadora de Cell Farm

Selfridges in Birmingham, West Midlands

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Como tal vez sepan, la carne es un alimento arraigado en la cultura argentina. Cuando era chica, consumía carne, pero no la disfrutaba del todo por el impacto que sabía que tenía sobre los animales. De grande…

By Sofia Giampaoli, founder of Cell Farm

Cell Farm landed in Warwick, Birmingham, England, in 2020.

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As you may know, meat is engrained in Argentinean culture. Growing up, I would consume meat but could not fully enjoy it because of the impact I knew it had on the animals. When older, I understood…

by Cristina Cortes, Chief Executive Officer at Canning House

In the 19th century, the UK played a critical part in deploying its commercial as well as military muscle to cement the independence of Latin America. Foreign Minister George Canning famously declared that he had “called the New World into existence…

Building back better — it’s a phrase we hear a lot at the moment, but what does it really mean?

For me, building back better is about adapting and finding better solutions to provide greater resilience against future threats and challenges. The world has fundamentally changed in the last year…

By Alejandra Rodriguez, Head of Automotive and Advanced Engineering DIT Monterrey

A snapshot of the industry and Reasons to Export

Mexico is hardly a newcomer to manufacturing. The country is a leading force in the manufacturing of different industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, home appliances and medical devices…

UK in Latin America and the Caribbean

Page for the British Government in Latin America and the Caribbean. Welcome to GREAT!

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